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My Approach To Healing

I approach the client in an Holistic way to determine what is appropriate to aid them in their healing.

Dis-ease is a result of an imbalance in the body’s physical being which is closely linked to the mind and spirit. The complementary therapies which I use work towards re-establishing the body’s balance (homeostasis) and to sustaining physical, mental and emotional well-being

The first step in this process is to reduce tension and induce relaxation, as stress is a major factor contributing to a multitude of modern diseases and disorders. Reflexology, and FasterEFT  can help to do this. They can also be of benefit when the body is undergoing great changes such as during pregnancy and mid life crisis.


FasterEFT rates and packages from 1 November 2015

Package A: Longer term commitment to self development
12 hours of FasterEFT $1440.

That’s just $120 an hour and a saving of $360. In twelve hours of FasterEFT in one-on-one sessions I can assist you over time to make changes in your life to help you to create the life that you really want. There will be homework, you may pay as you go and you have six months to complete this journey.

Package B: Continuing commitment to self development
6 hours of FasterEFT $750.

In six hours of sessions I will help you to progress along the path of commitment to yourself and your empowered life. You will receive homework and we will delve deeper into your mind, identifying and releasing what’s keeping you stuck, changing beliefs that no longer serve you and helping you live a happier life.  You have two months to use these hours.

Package C: Step towards self love and acceptance
2 hour session of FasterEFT $300.

Allow me to help you begin this journey by working with you to show you how your mind works and how you can change it and therefore change your life. You will learn how to self-apply the FasterEFT process which uses tapping developed from EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques); Hypnosis and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) to help you to experience peace in your inner world so that your outer world reflects this.If you continue onto another package (either A or B), the $300 and 2 hours will go towards that package.

Special rates for FasterEFT practitioners wanting to work with a Level IV Advanced Practitioner to make up their hours. Please email me for details at

Reflexology/other modalities combined

$110 Japanese Cosmo Face Lifting – (approximately 50-60 minutes)

$100 Reflexology and other combined modality sessions per 60 minutes

Follow up appointment times vary depending on the needs of the individual.


Payments can be made by cash, cheque or by direct bank transfer. Please contact me for bank transfer details.

For an appointment contact:

Tel: (02) 62516369  0412 605 274


Skype: skypebrock21

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