Case Studies


The power of aiming

Working with this client demonstrated some of my favourite aspects of FasterEFT. Firstly, FasterEFT is a very efficient and effective tool on its own or in conjunction with other techniques/therapies/modalities; secondly, the words used are not necessarily significant and thirdly, the power of aiming.

I was asked by my daughter Holly, who is a Dr of Chinese Medicine, to assist her with one of her clients.  The young woman in her thirties (whom I’ll call Sue), was a long term heroin user who was, at the time we saw her, on a methadone programme.  She was also taking drugs for epilepsy.  Her last epileptic seizure had left her unable to speak or to comprehend spoken language. Even when she was crying she didn’t make a sound. She had attempted suicide and her most recent attempt had been the previous week.

Sue had agreed to a session of acupuncture with my daughter.  Her friend who bought her to the session, helped us to communicate with Sue with Auslan and we also developed our own signs for communicating with her. Sue’s friend is a counsellor and she had bought with her to the session, some picture cards demonstrating emotions which she had been using to communicate with Sue.  When Sue was shown the cards she selected “sad” and “angry”. I pointed to her and myself to find out where she was noticing these emotions in her body. She indicated her chest and head. This demonstrated the mind/body connection through her subconscious mind.

I felt that it was important to do FasterEFT before the acupuncture to help relax and calm Sue as she seemed very distressed and agitated. I mimed the tapping and she indicated that she was familiar with it and it was OK for me to do it for her.  We all observed that she was noticeably calmer after I did four rounds of tapping.  I spoke the Quick Tap words more for my benefit and out of force of habit than for Sue, (because of the effect of the seizure) and we had already established the mind/body connection.

I then located appropriate acupoints in the ears with auricular therapy and Holly needled them, plus other acupuncture points in Sue’s head for the speech loss and language comprehension impairment.  We selected the points with care given the complexity of her condition plus the prescription drugs she was taking.

After the session, Sue thanked us with an incredibly, beautiful smile.  She projected gratitude through her eyes and with her warm, embracing hug.  It was a very rewarding and heart-felt experience for all of us and we were so glad that we had our combined skills especially the FasterEFT, with which to help Sue.

Deirdre Brocklebank March 2014


Pre and post natal

Thanks to FasterEFT I was able to help my daughter leading up to the birth of her son.  She was feeling fear but didn’t know why, because she had two easy births before Malakai. I was also able to help her after the birth when she was very distressed after reading on Facebook what had happened to the Indian woman who was attacked on a bus in New Delhi. The FasterEFT proved very effective for her in her very vulnerable post and pre birth emotional states.

Deirdre Brocklebank January 2014.


Fear/terror of rats and mice

I helped a client let go of a long term fear (terror) of rats and mice. He’d had the fear for over 39 years. He was amazed. It happened so quickly that I had time within the hour to also clear his back pain that he had had for as long as he could remember.

After flipping the memories I showed him photos of rats and mice and he couldn’t believe that he started looking at them as “cute” and as “just rats and mice.” He also now saw their eyes as friendly. This was a huge change from his description of them in his memories.

I used photos that I took of some interesting pictures of rats and mice on the web, including some from the Indian temples where rats are worshiped. They were in teeming masses. I also showed him a shot of an individual mouse and also one of a rat on its own.

It was interesting that after we first tapped, when he first looked at the mouse photos, he had a slight reaction. We then tapped on that residual reaction. He was surprised as his rat phobia which we addressed first, had cleared very quickly. He thought he would have taken longer to clear the rats as the rats in his memory were “as big as dogs”.

After flipping all the memories he couldn’t stop looking at the mouse photo. He thought she was definitely a girl and when I asked him to name her he said she was “Guinevere.” As he left he said that he might even go to a pet shop to “play” with the mice.

Isn’t this F.U.N.? (My acronym for – Freeing Unwanted Negativity).

Deirdre Brocklebank November 2013


Working with kids

When my grand-daughter was 6 years of age, she fell out of a bike trailer – the type you drag behind a two wheeler bike. By the time she arrived home she was in shock – shivering, pale and crying. She was badly grazed on her left elbow and slightly on her knees. I thought her arm could have been broken because she couldn’t bend it easily and it hurt to lift it up. She didn’t want to have an ice pack on her sore elbow and she was very upset when I offered it to her.

She also initially didn’t want me to tap on her. After I cuddled her for a couple of minutes she calmed down enough to let me lightly touch the tapping points as she told me what happened. After a couple of rounds she was remarkably calmer. I reminded her that she had done circus training and to think of how she could have got out of the trailer any other way. She brightened up and said she landed on her feet. She was no longer in shock and very happy to have the ice pack on her elbow.

When her father arrived home a couple of hours later she told him about her accident without any reaction. Her arm quickly healed – I think the bandage that she insisted on wearing over the graze helped too.

Deirdre Brocklebank October 2013


Self help swimming

I love the fact that I can not only use FasterEFT to help others but I can also apply it quickly and creatively for my own issues without getting bound up with theory and protocols.  For example, I was swimming laps and as I hadn’t swum any distance for a few months, I found it a bit of an effort . I started to feel very nauseous.  I was considering stopping swimming but instead, I decided to use FEFT.  I visualised each point and as I moved through them I mentally repeated “let it go” with each swimming stroke.

After about a length (just over a minute), I no longer felt sick.  I was able to finish my laps and complete my swim.  Without the FEFT I would have had to stop swimming as I was very close to being sick in the water.  I think it could be called “Faster Effective Friendly Tapping.”

Deirdre Brocklebank  2013


Addressing unknown issues

I know how effective FasterEFT is but it is great to introduce it to a professional in the field who has no expectations about it and to see their reaction to its efficacy.

For example, I was explaining FasterEFT to a new acquaintance who had over 30 years experience as an Accredited Counsellor/Psychotherapist.  I suggested by way of demonstration that he think of something that he didn’t like thinking about.  I then tapped for his emotions, feelings and sensations then flipped and forward paced the memory.  After less than 10 minutes he said he could no longer feel any reaction to his memory.

Some time later, I received this feedback from him: “Sorry for my delay in responding, I wanted to see if it lasted.  FastereEFT was such a challenge to my own training and therapeutic background.  I had had that traumatic memory since childhood and despite years of therapy it still caused me distress.  I couldn’t believe that such a short session could deal with the pain. Four months later it’s still gone.”

I still do not know what issue we tapped on.

Deirdre Brocklebank October 2012


Asthma – persistence pays and letting go of attachment to the outcome

My 40 year old client had asthma since he was a child.. His main form of treatment had been with a “puffer”.  I have had one session with him.  His main issue was asthma.  We tapped for memories around that plus other fear based memories and issues.  This is in accordance with Louise Hay who says that asthma is about fear of life and not wanting to be here.

He had only requested a two hour session.  However, just as I was preparing to finish on time after addressing his list of issues, he had an asthma “attack” so I decided to continue tapping on him.  The asthmatic tension in his chest increased to 20%.  Several rounds of tapping on the pressure, tension, running away, sudden tightness, difficulty breathing, fear etc reduced the rating, but then it increased to 30%.   When it increased to 35% he was starting to panic and said that he would need his puffer if it got to 60%.  I continued to reassure him and encouraged him to let me keep tapping for him.  The “attack” gradually reduced to 5% and then fluctuated to 10%.  I encouraged him to persevere and I kept tapping.  “It” was very persistent and resistant.

My client then started getting flashes of splashing and running water.  I suggested that he run the memory like a movie but not to be in it.  I told him to create a screen around his movie and to adjust knobs on the bottom of the screen if anything got too intense.  I kept reassuring him while tapping and reminded him to breathe and keep calm.

He suddenly recalled a memory that he had forgotten.  It was of him having an asthma attack during a school swimming race.  His reactions were very strong and he started to feel (and look like) he was drowning.  He started clutching at his chest which he said felt very constricted and his breathing was laboured.  I continued tapping for the boy in the memory.

When the rate of tension was at 15% I suggested he spin the vortex to remove pain, fear and residual hurtful memories and to replace it all with feelings of love and his favourite colour.  He continued to spin in outside his body as it grew bigger.  He was now able to see himself in the memory without any negative reaction, so we changed the memory to seeing him winning the race.  He now felt “good and calmer” but the tension in his chest was still about 10%.

After several more rounds the intensity of the asthmatic reaction reduced to 5% but it was still resistant to clearing completely despite several further rounds.  Fortunately, it reduced a bit more after we tapped for fear of “who I will be without it” and forward paced to seeing himself as a healthy and vibrant human being.

There was still a slight bit of tension in his chest after we finished the tapping but the interesting thing is that while we were talking and winding up the session, it cleared completely.  I don’t know who was more relieved – my client or me!

I received the following feedback from him two days later:

“I have felt really good these last couple of days.  My body feels good, my head feels good.   It feels like I have more energy.  And I’ve been thinking more clearer.  But the Asthma is still there, sorry to tell you.

Besides the Asthma you have still helped me dearly in clearing out a lot of other old stuff, for that I thank you deeply.”

While I was pleased that he had such a great response I was a bit disappointed that the asthma was still there.

About a month later he wrote “I just want to let you know that my asthma has dropped by 90%.  I used to use my spray every hour on the hour throughout the day.  Now I’m lucky if I use it twice a day. This is great..!”

He chose not to have another session with me at the time as he was very busy and two days later he reported that he was very happy with his asthma as low as it is.

Deirdre Brocklebank September 2012


Fear of pain from breathing

There are many examples of how I have been able to use FasterEFT to help others but this occasion was special.

I visited my elderly (86 year old) friend whom I will call Sally, in hospital.  She had been bleeding from her bowel three days before I saw her.  She had collapsed and had to be resuscitated.  She was then admitted to intensive care in hospital on the same night.  She had been diagnosed with diverticulitis.  My friend was in a general ward when I visited her.

When I first saw her she was slumped over in her chair.  She was connected to an oxygen tank and she looked very ill and grey.  Sally was unable to breathe deeply as it caused her to cough and this really hurt her.  She told me this was because her chest had been badly bruised when she was resuscitated with CPR after she had collapsed.

I asked if I could tap on her and with her agreement I proceeded to tap, “let it go etc. I did a few rounds throwing in “fear, anxiety, worry, all traumas” and other emotions for a few minutes.  The change in her was remarkable.  She was able to breathe more deeply and to move and cough “without too much pain.”   She said that she believed that she “could cough and it won’t kill me now.”  I tapped a few extra rounds for her breathing while we were talking and more colour returned to her face.

In her words “I’m amazed that the tapping helped me as I’m a bit of sceptic and I’m very grateful to Deirdre.”   My friend now said that she felt “more confident to breathe”.  She said that she didn’t really listen to what I was saying as I was tapping on her, but she did hear the word “fear” and realised that she had been afraid to breathe because it hurt so much.  She was now able to move and talk more easily.  She was even able to laugh at a joke without recoiling in pain.  As my friend has always been a bit of an imp it was wonderful to see her natural fun for life reappear.

Sally had been given pain killers only a few minutes before I arrived but I don’t believe that they had taken effect before I started to tap on her.

The next day Sally was feeling a little less well than she had felt the previous day.  Her blood pressure was taken while I was there and it was very low.   I can’t remember everything I tapped for but I remember including fear of pain from breathing; the memory of her fall; difficulties coughing and chest pain.  The left side of her chest was more painful than the right.  After tapping she appeared much brighter and was breathing more deeply and easily.  She was able to laugh even though it still hurt a bit.  Coughing still caused her stress.

In her grandson’s words: “When I first arrived today Gran said she didn’t feel as well as she had done the day before.  After around 30 minutes of chatting the colour in her face gradually brightened and body movements seemed to improve.

When Deirdre arrived Gran said she felt “OK” but still sore in the chest.  I watched Deirdre tap on Gran’s face and chest and each time she repeated this, her breathing and body movements seemed to improve. Her body language was a lot better and I thought she was enjoying our conversations much more.”

By the next day Sally’s demeanour had improved significantly.  Her colour was much better and she found it less painful to cough and laugh although she still felt tender in her left chest and sternum.  She still found it hard to believe that whatever I did with the tapping was able to help her as, in her own words: “I am a sceptic. However, I always feel better after it, so whatever you do seems to be working.” I didn’t know for a few days that Sally had also been afraid that she may have had cancer as all her five sisters had died from cancer of the bowel.

I tapped on her twice more over the next 6 days.  She told me that she didn’t feel afraid that it would hurt to breathe after I tapped on her.  Although as usual she added, “even though I don’t know or believe in what you are doing or how it can help me.”

I saw Sally a few weeks later and she was telling people how I had saved her life.  (Of course it was the FasterEFT that did it). Apparently her daughter had seen her before and after I tapped on her the first day and she thought the change in her mother was “miraculous”.

Five months after I first saw her in hospital Sally sent me an email saying: “I’m almost better. I wish I could tell you how much your visits meant to me.  They made me feel cared for and helped me try and improve.  Thanks again for the time you spent and your treatment.  I went out to a birthday dinner last night, my first outing so I am on the mend.”

Deirdre Brocklebank  September 2012

PS I saw Sally earlier this year and she is well and still insisting that I (and FasterEFT saved her life). 2014


Swallowing and sweetness

I love the fact that FasterEFT is generally so quick, because I tend to tap on anyone, anywhere with their permission.  Some time ago, I was talking to a woman from a workshop that we were attending.  She mentioned that she had a lump in her throat from stress and she was finding it hard to swallow. I did the Quick Tap and  two or three more rounds. She was then able to swallow water without any difficulty. She also said that the water tasted sweet.  This was amazing as it was only Melbourne tap water and she hadn’t been able to taste sweetness for several months.

Deirdre Brocklebank August 2012


Manifesting with FasterEFT

Thanks to FasterEFT I have been able to clear many of my issues around money.  Manifesting with tapping is proving to be exciting and effective for me.  Not only has it produced unexpected results but it has been reasonably profitable, both financially and personally.

I tapped on the KC (karate chop – mid side of hand) while stating “I always have more than enough of everything” and on the CB (collar bone K27 – fear) I tapped, “I am willing and able to share what I have with others with love.”

After doing that tapping almost daily over a few months I gained several new clients; I had a large order for some charts that I do; I unexpectedly received a cheque from my essential oils supplier (it is usually very much the other way around) and I was able to pay my son to do some cartoons for my healing work.  The latter has allowed me to relate to my son on another level of understanding which has been very good for both of us.

The most unexpected “windfall” was after I cancelled a credit union account that I hadn’t used for years. I thought the balance to be transferred to my active account was $19.83.  To my surprise I received a cheque for $160.75 from them..

Money has always been a big issue with me as I was raised in a family where we were frequently told that, “Money doesn’t grow on trees”.  This may be true on one level, but I like where it is “growing” from for me now.

Deirdre Brocklebank July 2012


Chronic fatigue

Our clients are such wonderful “mirrors” for us to see our own stuff and we often come out of a session and think “oh, I really need to work on myself.”  I had the opposite result with a new client recently.  I noticed that we had some similar issues – her mother died of cancer and our fathers both had bi-polar plus another more personal issue for both of us relating to our fathers.  After the session finished I realised that I had not been triggered at all and this is because of the work that I did with FasterEFT with Robert in one workshop, with participants in other FasterEFT workshops and on my own using FasterEFT.

This client hashad chronic fatigue for the last 10 years.  She has been depressed and suffered anxiety attacks and insomnia and is on medication for depression and anxiety.  Her treatments have included acupuncture, counselling, naturopathy, hypnotherapy and chiropractic.  She practises yoga and meditation.  She was suicidal and self harmed and abused alcohol for years.

She had provided a list of things that she didn’t like thinking about and I asked her to name the one that worried her the most.  The memory was initially very overwhelming but after several rounds and changing the memory the pain left her spine, hips and legs.  She couldn’t believe how exhausted she felt.  We then did a few rounds to release the remaining “little things” in her throat.  After we flipped the memory she felt as though she was on drugs because the shifts were so profound.

After clearing the third memory she felt tension releasing in her hips and she said “my body feels like it wants to collapse” and her shoulders softened.  She was in disbelief at this stage as she couldn’t believe the profound changes in her body in such a short time.

Overall we addressed 5 memories, two dreams and her chronic fatigue.  At the end of the session she felt much better and her neck felt the best it had felt for 10 years.  She was very happy with what had happened in the session.

She felt very tired later that night after the session.  The next day she had “quite a strong reaction to the treatment yesterday. The pain in my left side is more pronounced and I’m feeling very fatigued.  Last night my body was exhausted, but it felt like my central nervous system was wired, so I didn’t sleep well.  Today I have tried to do some tapping on myself but am wondering if my body wants a break.”  I suggested that she continue tapping and drinking water.  The next day she reported that she did what I suggested and she had a much better sleep and she was feeling slightly better.  She said she would continue with the tapping to see how things continued.  Nine days later she reported that she was “a lot better.”

Deirdre Brocklebank June 2012


Live blood analysis for FasterEFT

I recently asked a therapist friend to do live blood analysis on a client of mine to test if FasterEFT would have an impact on the blood over a short period.

My friend is well qualified to do this as she is a registered nurse in Psychiatry Midwifery, with a Dip. Iris Diagnosis, Iris Photography and report, Dip. Medicinal Herbalism,  Chinese Herbs and Dip. Clinical Nutrition  and specialising in live blood analysis and Preconception Healthcare and Natural Fertility Management.

I have worked on my client over years with EFT but with only one session of FasterEFT.  Her main issues are digestive problems and internal bleeding.

After the first blood test was conducted and analysed I asked my client to think about and write down several issues that concerned her.  I didn’t know what they were.

The next blood was taken and analysed while she was feeling anxious while thinking about her issues.  My client is always apparently calm on the outside so I couldn’t see any evidence of stress from looking at her.  I encouraged her to really feel as stressed and anxious as she could.

I asked her to think of each issue and feel whatever came up for her.  I was intending to shelve the issues which she felt were all on a common theme.   Before we started tapping she indentified pressure in her head.  This intensified as she thought of each of the first two issues.  I tapped them together and the feeling in her head almost cleared.   Issue three was held in her stomach and issue four she indentified as “fear” with an intensity of 8.  I tapped the feelings and emotions around these two issues.  She no longer felt any intensity in her stomach or in her body.

Issue five was very strong and she felt she wanted to hide.  She felt it all through her body.  She realised she felt “happier on her own.”  I suggested she pretend she was on her own (as she couldn’t recall a memory).  She “saw” herself with her hands over her ears and she felt sick.  I did the Quick Tap – without the tree, as I had worked with her before.  I anchored joy into her by touching her back and knee while she was recalling a joyful memory.  I suggested she step back into the memory, feel the joy and reassure and embrace herself until they merged as one.  She flipped the memory and her body felt free of any discomfort.

We then readdressed the first two issues that I had shelved together.  She still felt some pressure in her head which stopped when I tapped but which reappeared when I stopped tapping.  She said she felt she was “back in that scene again.”   I asked how did she know that and tapped in both happy (especially “joy” and trust) and not happy feelings.  She now felt much better.

My client then felt pain in her heart which she thought was to do with trust.  I suggested she spin a vortex within her to increase the feeling then spin it the other way with joy to clear it.  She still had a slight feeling in her heart.  It was resistant to tapping but after several rounds she recalled her brother.  He had a serious injury when she was 8 and we had addressed this before.  However, more obviously needs to be done on this as she still reacted to it.  I tapped on seeing her brother as whole and healed and seeing herself the same way.  We also tapped on seeing herself letting go of the obligation to hold the pain and guilt for her brother.  After this she felt that it was his life and not her responsibility and he has the right to choose how he leads his life.  She felt much better overall but still had a very slight pain in her heart.

Due to time factors we cut the session short (the tapping was about 35 minutes).  We then had the final blood test done.

According to my therapist friend, she estimated overall that there was a 5% improvement in digestion which means less protein linkage.  This indicates less digestive stress because the third blood test analysis showed less oesinophils *.  My friend concluded that the FasterEFT had helped reduce gut leakage.

The whole process from the first blood test including the tapping to the analysis of the third blood test took about 75 minutes.

As the live blood analysis was only conducted for one person it is not statistically significant.  However, I was pleased that there was an obvious change in the structure of the blood which was apparently due to the FasterEFT tapping that we did between the first and last blood tests.

*Oesinophils are white blood cells that are one of the immune system components responsible for combating multicellular parasites and certain infections in vertebrates.

Deirdre Brocklebank 6 June 2012


Tapping on an email for self doubts

This was a two hour session with a client around her fear about fully acknowledging her skills as a practitioner with confidence and conviction.

For some time she had been finding it difficult to complete her last assignment in order to finalise a course that she had been studying.  After much anguish she had finally decided to withdraw and had sent an email to her course teacher.  In response, she received a lengthy email that she felt was accusatory and manipulative. It triggered her in many ways.  I first helped her to address the memories that came up for her to do with feeling accused, manipulated, judged, singled out for special treatment, self sabotage and futility. There were two from kindergarten, one with her massage therapist trainer and one with her mother (while she was in the womb).

In the latter part of the session I had her tap for each phrase and/or sentence and/or word in the email which triggered a response in her.  We also addressed a couple of memories related to her being in the womb and her mother speaking about her in pitying terms, with associated emotions and feelings in her body.  It was a very long email and it was extremely valuable in raising responses in her about issues of which she had not been aware. This was because she could see the many parallels between herself and her teacher which enabled her to let go of the guilt and fear and other emotions around dropping out of the course and to feel safe doing so.

My client had initially felt particularly judged by her teacher’s use of the word “quitting” in her email and she felt it was very accusatory.  When we finished the session she saw it as liberating, as an opportunity to grow and that it was the right decision for her. She also felt able to give her teacher positive feedback about her (teacher’s) teaching skills and abilities. The significance of this was that she was able to do this with no attachment after having cleared many of her issues and self doubts around her own skills and abilities.

Dropping the course bought up feeling of self sabotage and futility. This reminded her of kindergarten when the teacher had high expectation of her.


“Thanks so much for the session today Deirdre!

I’m still reeling on some things that have come up again and have tapped again… the feeling of requirement, guilt.  Soon after tapping… I had a wonderful empowering sense of fulfilment to do my healing work!

Then as I was eating dinner, I noticed that I was chewing evenly (I tended to favour the right side). Even with all the orthodontic work I’ve had done,  my jaw feels more aligned than ever!

I also had a sense again of freedom and release from a relationship that was similar to what I had in the past, and tapped and merged with myself, with recognition that I again was playing out an old “need” of being the manipulator/manipulated!”

Two days later

“I was reading the email again and this statement held a charge for me… ‘they always cheat themselves out of the experience of achieving the final goal.’

I tapped through the feeling of being cheated and again the requirement that I was in debt to someone and in debt to myself, feeling that I may be doing myself out of an opportunity, and guilt.

This shifted very quickly, once I applied the FasterEFT techniques. At once I felt relieved, at ease, breathing fully at my own new sense of conviction and empowerment with freedom. I felt more awake as this lifted from my body.

As I began to write a thank you e-mail to the course provider, I began getting very nervous & anxious. It was a feeling that I’d had before, so again I addressed this feeling, situation and person, in my mind’s eye, allowing to feel the process fully, again releasing it.

I was able to finish writing and send the email that was neutral, and succinct, feeling happy in doing so.”

Deirdre Brocklebank May 2012


Bush fire warning siren

As FasterEFT is so quick easy to do, I want to help people with it when the opportunity arises. For example, during a conversation on a recent short plane trip, the man next to me told me how he his home had been threatened in the 2003 Canberra bush fires. He showed no emotion while recalling how close the fire had come to his house and how it turned away at the last minute. He did, however, react strongly to the memory of the sound of the warning siren that was played on the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commission) radio at the time. With his permission I tapped on him for the emotions around this very strong memory using the FasterEFT Quick tap. It took only three rounds of tapping to clear the emotions around it. The look on his face said it all. He was very surprised and relieved after carrying the memory of the siren for over nine years.

Deirdre Brocklebank March 2012


FasterEFT – self healing

I know that in FasterEFT the most powerful question to ask is: “How do you know”.   However, it is often fun and intriguing to speculate on:“Why do you do what you do – think what you think and believe what you believe?”

For example, when I was addressing with FasterEFT, a painful right knee and right hip pain that I’d had for varying degrees of intensity for a couple of years, I recalled an accident that my brother had when he was young (about 3).  I was in my pram at the time so I was only around 12- 18 months old.

We were in a playground for children in the small county town where we lived in Victoria.  My father was opening the new swing and playground facilities.  Apparently, some older boys dared my brother to jump onto a moving swing.  Even though he was very young he took up the challenge.

The swing had two double seats opposite each other and they were connected by a swinging floor which was close to the ground.  My brother caught his leg under the floor which resulted in a very bad break.  Unfortunately, the medical treatment that he was given, resulted in a badly set leg and maimed foot for the rest of his life.  He had years of ongoing physiotherapy after the accident.  He also had to wear and sleep in callipers for many years after it.

I found it very hard to clear the image of the calliper although I was able to change the sub-modalities of the mood, light and general feelings in my memory.  It wasn’t until I realised that the callipers were metaphoric for my feeling stuck and not moving forward in my life, that the biggest shift occurred in my knee and hip.

I could still ‘see’ my brother (who is really myself in the memory according to FasterEFT), wearing the callipers while playing with his friends, but the callipers were no longer significant.

What amazed me from recalling this memory was the power of the brain to create the many pathways for the memories that we hold in the subconscious.  I only recently found out that my brother was wearing jodhpurs when he had the accident.  I was astounded when I suddenly remembered that for years before I owned, or even rode a horse, I would only wear jodhpurs and never dresses, to the despair of my mother.  I wondered if I was imprinted with this memory to the extent that my subconscious somehow determined that it was safer for me to wear jodhpurs.

I’ll never know but it’s still fun to speculate.

Deirdre Brocklebank March 2012


Faster EFT for Dental Surgery

I had dental surgery last year to clean up an infection under a tooth implant that had been inserted in my jaw several years ago.

I wasn’t particularly worried about having the surgery, but whenever I thought about it for the two weeks before it, I tapped on “let it go” on EB, SE, UE and CB points and held my wrist for a couple of rounds each time. I also did a swap on Skype with a colleague around issues with teeth (bones – support or lack of it and decisions and goals). We related the problem to when I was struggling with making a decision some years ago about whether or not to resign from my very stressful job at the time.

The dentist found a very nasty infection in my gum and he thought it had been there for more than a year.  During the surgery which took an hour under a local anaesthetic, I mentally tapped on “let it go”.

I was advised to expect heavy bleeding after the surgery and if I had pain, to take analgesics. I was pleased that in fact I didn’t have any bleeding and I didn’t need to take any pain killers as I had very little discomfort.

I believe that the Faster EFT contributed significantly to this successful outcome.

Deirdre Brocklebank December 2011


What does feeling abandoned and not loved have to do with an injured knee?

I had a client who had knee surgery a couple of weeks before I saw her.  She hobbled in for the session on a walking frame and with great difficulty down three steps.  We addressed whatever came up in her memories including feelings of abandonment, not feeling loved etc when she was sent away to school and other related issues to do with nuns and relationships.  When we finished the session she was able to walk without her stick and with only a slight stiffness in the knee that had been operated on.  She was also able to walk up the three steps without her stick more easily in contrast to how difficult it had been for her to negotiate the steps when she first arrived. The next session she used her stick but her knee was much stronger.  In essence, I just followed her lead and her memories and feelings by asking “How do you know?”

Deirdre Brocklebank November 2011



My friend was very red faced with high BP and very anxious.  He was suffering while thinking about his daughter who had died 18 months previously.  She hadn’t wanted him to see her so ill so she asked him not to go to her.  His friends had tried to encourage him to go anyway.  He didn’t go and he was now feeling terrible because he didn’t.  I tapped and spoke for him for a few minutes.  His skin colour changed to a more normal hue and he said he no longer felt so bad.  He had no previous experience of FasterEFT and he was much relieved to experience such a huge significant change in the way he felt.

Deirdre Brocklebank November 2011

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